I’m not sure how many of you saw this article http://petapixel.com/…/this-photo-of-a-potato-sold-for-ove…/

But, lucky dude and famous photographer Kevin Abosch sold a photo of his potato for a Million dollars. That’s right a cool million for his spud. The photographer Rick Sammon once told me that it’s not how good you are as a photographer, but how good people think you are. It’s all about your personality. If that’s the case, Mr Abosch must have one hell of a personality!

But this million dollar vegie got me to thinking about shooting vegetables and fruit. They have long served the art world as still life subjects and many famous artists have a fruit or two in their portfolio collection. I ran back through a few years of images and found some of my own. I also set up a black background rig on the kitchen table and made my best attempt at a million dollar onion. What do you reckon? I’ve thrown in a behind the scenes shot at how I quickly took that high dollar onion shot with a desk lamp, towel and black TShirt.

This week, open the fridge and raid the kids fruit bowl and see what you can come up with. Who knows, you may be the next millionaire!

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I'm happy to get only $750k for my onion

I’m happy to get only $750k for my onion

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