Last week I took part in a head to head challenge with a mate who runs another photography site. I was challenge to shoot all week in black and white. I had to set my camera to shoot in a black and white mode for the whole week. For the challenge we each chose one shot from the week and were judged on the merits of our one chosen shot – no post processing. This challenge really made me look at tonal contrasts, composition and light in much more detail that I normally do. I realised I often use colour as a compositional tool. Shooting in black and white made me ‘see’ differently.

This week, I want to extend this challenge to you. Change your image mode in your camera to black and white and spend a few days looking at a monochrome world. If you’re shooting with an iphone (and possibly Android too), the native camera can be set to shoot in black and white too! Try to get them looking good in camera and resist the urge to edit them. What difference do you see in your images between monochromes and colour ones?

If you want to participate in the community, jump in over on our community page.


DSCF5550-2-2 DSCF5629