TREK – Summerlands Coastal Walk/Drive


Many people visit the island and see the Penguins at the Penguin Parade and view the seals from The Nobbies. Few people realise there is an awesome drive/walk (The Blvd) between the Penguin Parade and the Nobbies with some really cool photo opportunities.


Seagull Rock

There’s a gravel road that can be accessed just behind the Penguin Parade and/or to the left once you enter the Nobbies Car Park. This is a great walk if you’re interested in spotting penguins, seabirds and raptors. There are three viewing platforms along this road.

If you are driving, I’d recommend starting from the Nobbies end of the road because it is a one way road from there to a T junction. If you start driving from the Penguin Parade, you’ll not be able to drive all the way up to the Nobbies.


Did you know that Summerlands was a residential subdivision on Phillip Island. In 1985 the Victorian government decided that to protect the penguin rookery, further development of the subdivision would be prohibited and that all the properties would be progressively purchased by the state. All the homes were bought and moved out of the area, the last home was purchased in 2007.


You may see Little Penguins resting just outside of their burrows or just inside of them. Please remember that they are very sensitive to human contact and respect their privacy. Please do not attempt to disturb or frighten them. Also the environment around the road is protected area so stay on the road at all times.