TREK –  Potters Hill Rd, San Remo, VIC

At the very end of Potters Hill road there’s a walkway and staircase leading down to the beach. It’s 138 steps to the bottom.

To the right, at the very end of the beach, is Cadillac Canyon. This is a natural deep slot formation cut into the rock. The water enters the canyon and makes a 90 degree turn creating some great water flow patterns. I’d recommend using a ND filter or going here in the evening so you can get a second or so exposure to really accentuate the flow of the water.


Cadillac Canyon


Cadillac Canyon


Right side of Beach

To the left of the staircase is a nice long limestone flat called Panhandle Flats. There are a number of very nice rock formations that make great places to shoot breaking waves and water cascading off of rocks.


Panhandle Flats


Photo Rangers Catching the Waves Workshop, Panhandle Flats

Continue around the corner and you’ll find another flat, this is called Sauce Pan Flats.
Take care and watch the tide and swell, the rock platforms will get pounded by big waves in certain conditions.

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  • dale March 2, 2016

    Looks like a great area. Will definitely put it on the list of places to visit. Thanks for sharing ☺

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