The Photo Rangers Difference

The Photo Rangers Difference
While I was preparing for our conference presentations in Phoenix this year I got to thinking about what Photo Rangers offer that’s different to other photographers and workshop providers. What value do we add to the photography world?

We are very unique in the photography world because:

*We are professional educators
*We are professional photographers
*We have intimate and expert knowledge of our area
*We combine a passion for the environment with photography education
*We create an adventure for photographers regardless of physical capacity
*We are two photographers with different perspectives and styles
*We are licensed by Parks Victoria and Phillip Island Nature Park
*We are artists
*We are fun

We are professional educators
Cecilia teaches future teachers at Deakin University and Dale has worked in the education system and been a professional conference and workshop presenter for many years.
We have carefully constructed workshops to cater to all learning styles and incorporate muscle memory in the process. We ensure each participate is provided with the educational framework that matches their learning style. On groups of 4 or more we both facilitate to ensure a low student to teacher ratio that allows this special attention to the learning of each participant.

We are professional photographers
We have both photographed real estate, weddings, advertisements, events and as contractors for many years. We do not attempt to sell individual prints but focus more on the photography experience and teaching others. We are also sought after as conference presenters because we push the boundaries of popular photography and add a deep purposeful approach to our photography. Recently Cecilia has focused on the female photographer as the storyteller and Dale has lectured and written on the use of eco-photography as a motivator of social change.

We have intimate and expert knowledge of our area
We live where we teach. We experience the impact of weather change and the seasons on Phillip Island and Wilson’s Prom. We are aware of the seasonal movement of animals including the migrations of the Short Tailed Shearwaters, whales, movement of the wallabies from sunrise to sunset around the island, nesting habits of the threatened Hooded Plover, distribution of snakes on the island, locations of nesting raptors, dinosaur footprints and fossils and many more. We understand the changing tides and how they influence access and composition in photography. We are also aware of the coastal vegetation and the constant struggle between indigenous species and those introduced.

We combine a passion for the environment with photography education
We want people to come away from our workshops not only with a better understanding of their camera or of a style and technique in photography but also with a better understanding of the natural environment. We want people to be able to put their great shots in an environmental context. We teach that photographers are storytellers and that landscapes and nature have their own unique stories to tell. We believe that people care about what they understand and if through our workshops people gain a little more environmental understanding, this word will be a better place.

We create an adventure for photographers regardless of physical capacity
We tailor the workshops to include a hike through established trails. By walking and talking and taking photos we hope to promote better muscle memory for participants use of their camera. We aim for this to occur in an exciting and fun environment. We also conduct workshops through sometimes less than favourable weather. Often the best light or the best photos are those taken when others would not dare venture out. We hope through this approach our participants will have a very memorable experience and recall the adventure while sharing their photos with others.

We are two photographers with different perspectives and styles
Yes, although we are both professional photographers we have very different style and approaches to our photography. Cecilia calls Dale’s images ‘Mr Happy shots’ and he calls her shots moody and gloomy. We use different equipment (Cecilia does not like to share) and have different shooting styles. This offers participants the opportunity to see a variety of styles and approaches with the realisation that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way and beautiful images can be taken in any number of ways and from many different perspectives. We do not advocate the latest and greatest gear but emphasize the ability to take great shots with whatever gear you have, including your phone.

We are licensed by Parks Victoria and Phillip Island Nature Park
We are the only photographers licensed to conduct workshops on Phillip Island and Wilson’s Prom. This means we are regulated by the custodians of the land and have had to detail our workshops and workshop locations to these governing bodies. We are accountable for our actions and behaviour while conducting workshops and ensure we are environmentally sensitive and not putting participants in any unnecessary danger.

We are artists
We emphasise the difference between photojournalism and photography. We are photographers and through our images we seek to tell a particular story or evoke a response from the viewer. We do this through the technical set up of our gear, the composition we choose and the editing we do in post processing the shot. We encourage participants to be artists and start looking at the world through photograher’s eyes and see things that they may have been overlooking.

We are fun
We love photography, teaching and the environment and we have a blast teaching others. We have a light fun banter between us due to the difference in shooting styles and gear (and because Cecilia is short). Our workshops are full of fun conversation, group camaraderie and stories from either of us that is guaranteed to entertain.


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  • dale March 30, 2017

    All very true! Like the photo of you escaping the swell!

    • dale March 30, 2017

      Thanks Amanda, I’ll always be grateful of this photo from Ian … one of my all time favourites!

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