The Photo rangers APP has Officially Launched!

APP Launch


It’s finally here!

This is the first stage of our APP development and we are planning big improvements and upgrades in the future. We welcome your ideas, and feedback. Please take a moment to read this intro to better understand what the APP is all about and how you can contribute and benefit from promotion within the APP.

We have developed this APP for photographers of all levels. It serves as a great tool for reference, finding great locations, meeting other photographers, seeing what inspires some of the best photographers and content from photographers from all over the world. Since our content is driven by you, the photographer, anything submitted and published on the APP will be credited to you and have your contact and social media accounts listed in the article/publication. As more content is submitted by you, the quality of the APP improves for us all!

Some of our unique content includes:

These are our quick reference guides that we developed while conducting adventure based workshops. We have provided the images here so you can quickly reference them as needed. You can buy a set on indestructible plastic strung together with a split ring and a carabiner from our website.
Quick tips on most shooting situations from some of our favorite photographers. If you want to include a Shooting Tip, you’ll get full credit and your social media and website will be hyperlinked into the article.
We have added all of our favourite spots on the island with details on how to find them, what to look out for and photos of what to expect. Click the Trek map icon in the upper right corner to see all these spots geotagged on a map. You can either click on one of the geotagged markers or explore by scrolling through the complete list of special places.
We intend to expand this section to cover treks from other parts of Melbourne, Australia and other parts of the world. We are looking for fellow explorers to partner and develop ‘treks’ for their favourite places. Contact us if you want to contribute and you’ll have full credit for the Trek as well as clear links to your contact details and social media accounts.
We believe in pushing ourselves and trying new things or taking photos that we would not normally take. The Weekly Challenge is intended to do just this. We have an active community on our Community Page on Facebook, we encourage you to check them out and share and participate there.
A list of publications and recent articles. Like the Shooting Tips and Treks, if you wish to contribute an article, you’ll get full credit and your social media and website will be hyperlinked into the article.
These are photographers that inspire us. A new Inspirational story will be uploaded each week with the photographer describing what inspires them to keep shoot along with a couple of their favorite images and a self portrait.
The Users and Chat areas of the APP are unable to be tested in the development environment so you are experiencing the very first look at how these sections will operate. We’d appreciate feedback because these areas may change quickly depending on how they actually work and user feedback.
A Calendar of Events. Anyone can add events to this calendar so if you have a workshop, free photography meeting, camera club get together or gallery showing, let us know and we’ll included in this section.
The Share function currently sends us an email with the info shared. We will be reposting selected images from the Share function on our Instagram account @photo_rangers
All of our Social Media can be found in the Facebook, & Instagram links.

Please create a username and login the first time you use the APP.

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  • dale March 16, 2016

    This is great Dale, have downloaded it, can’t wait to get home from work and have a really good look at it

    • dale March 18, 2016

      Carolyn, excellent! Thanks

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