TREK – The Cowrie Patch – Cape Woolamai’s Hidden Beach

Out of sight from Woolamai Beach and out of site from along the Woolamai Track is The Cowrie Patch beach and it’s guardian, Sentinel Rock.


Sentinel Rock – The Cowrie Patch Beach

The Cowrie Patch is a beach made from the surf pounding away at the surrounding granite. It’s a course sand beach unlike Woolamai. Sentinel Rock, a large granite monolith, guards the entrance to The Cowrie Patch.


Sentinel Rock and Cowrie Patch Beach, looking back towards Woolamai Beach.

Access to The Cowrie Patch is only possible at low tide. Head South down Woolamai Beach towards the staircase leading up to the Woolamai track. Once you reach the staircase, continue along the base of the cliffs. Follow this often rocky and slippery route to where the coastline makes a marked L turn Westward. You’ll enter the Cowrie Patch through a narrow gap between the cliff face and Sentinel Rock.


Low tide, near the staircase that leads to the Woolamai Track on the way to The Cowrie Patch.