The Back Story


How many times do you see a photo and you ask yourself “How did they get that one?” or “I wonder what settings they were shooting on?” or even “I wonder what equipment they used in this shot?”

The Back Story is our weekly review of one of our recent photos trying to answer the questions above. We’d also love to hear your ‘Back Story” on some of your favourite images.

Last week, I was sitting in the house with Willow when I got a txt message from Cecilia who was at work. She askied if I was watching the sunset. I peeked outside and could see the beginnings of a cracker sunset. My youngest daughter and I hoofed it over to ANZAC carpark beach and waited for the light show to begin. We were not disappointed and as we waited and watched, the car park filled with others wanting to witness this sunset too.

As the sun was almost on the horizon, I slipped behind some sand dunes looking for something interesting to shoot in the oblique light. A shot straight into the sunset at that moment would have been over exposed in the sky or under exposed on the foreground so I was waiting for the sun to slip a little lower before getting what I thought would be the ‘money’ shot. I looked up at the top of the sand dune and noticed spectacular colour pouring over the top resulting in this photo.

CAMERA: Canon 6d
LENS: EF17-40mm f/4L USM
BRACE: Handheld
ISO: 2500
FSTOP: f/22
EDITOR: Lightroom

If you have a Back Story to share, let us know!