Thanks Bender, beautiful intimate landscape!Its been a few days and I have been

Thanks Bender, beautiful intimate landscape!

Its been a few days and I have been working on some exciting new projects, thus my lack of posting. To get back into it, I am going to share an intimate landscape.

An intimate landscape is an image that portrays the smaller scenery or the detail of the grand landscape. They are not macro images, but somewhere between macro and the large epic landscapes. I give Dale Rodgers of Photo Rangers credit for this perfect terminology.

This image was created while walking back to my car next to Oak Creek in the Coconino National Forest, Sedona, AZ. The dark water running over the river stone, highlighted by the last rays of sunset. There is just something soothing and tranquil about it that I love, despite the darkness.

Photo: “Night Falls” Coconino National Forest, Sedona, AZ