Shooting Wet

Shooting Wet
We conduct Adventure Based Photography Workshops. That means we get out in the environment, learn a thing or two and get great photos. We often get asked about what happens when it rains. I always respond “we go take pictures”. Yes, that’s right, we go in the rain. We’ve found the best shots occur in the worst of times or just after the worst of conditions.

We will only cancel or postpone a workshop if there is lightening in the area. We use a Lightening Detection APP called ‘Lightening’ to assist in determining if lightening is in the area or headed our way.

We recommend good rain gear and always carry a plastic bag or two to protect our cameras, even the ones that are weather resistant. We also always take a couple of cloth rags to wipe cameras and lenses down as well as an ample supply of lens cloths.

Here’s a shot taken during a workshop earlier this yer where it rained the whole time we were at Cadillac Canyon. While it dd make shooting more of a challenge, we got the best moody shots from the canyon I have ever got.

Moral to this story, get out and go get the shot even if the weather is looking a little wet.


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