Shooting like Ansel with Fujifilm Cameras In-Camera Profiles

Cecilia and I are teaching a 6 week photography course here on the island. In preparation, I have been pulling together some content and looking at famous photographers. Ansel Adams is probably the most famous and influential landscape photographer of all time (in my books) and going through his body of work really inspired me to try and capture just a little of his magic in my images.

Our Fuji cameras (X-T10, X-T1, & X-T2) allow custom in-camera profiles that affects the jpg file in camera. This is almost like applying a filter on images and is seen live through the viewfinder as they are shot. I adjusted one of the in camera profiles to have more contrast, darker shadows and brighter highlights and to be in monochrome in hopes of achieving results close to those of Ansel Adams. To be specific the in-camera profile used on the X-T2 is:

  • Acros R
  • Highlight -2
  • Shadows +4
  • Sharp +2

By applying this in camera profile, I see a very contrasted image through the electronic viewfinder. This means I adjust my exposure a little differently to when I would shoot without the camera profile. The resulting monochrome images have a unique look and feel to them. The in-camera profiles are only applied to the JPG files so the RAW files contain all the information and detail. Here are a few taken recently.

Hazelwood, Morwell

Mirboo North, Gippsland Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island MOssvale Park, Mirboo North The Pinnacles, Phillip Island