Photo Rangers Weekly Challenge – Week 7

Photo Rangers Weekly Challenge – Week 7
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Exist In Nature
Many Indigenous cultures teach that all life exists in an intricate system of interdependence. The universe exists in a dynamic state of harmony and balance, reflecting the continuous flow and cycle of energy that emanates from each form of life in relation to every other living being. Life takes many forms – animals, plants, rocks and minerals, people, the Earth, sky, sun, moon, stars, wind, water, fire, thunder, lightning, and rain – and each is connected and balanced within a complex system, a web of life if you will, that forges a universal community.

We often put ourselves above nature. We often forget our place in nature and that we exist in harmony and connection with many other forms of ‘life’.

To remind ourselves of the delicate balance and cycle of nature where we should seek to be equal participants and not masters of the cycle of life. This week I encourage you to take a photo of yourself or of another person Existing In Nature. Call it an Environmental Selfie or Street Photography for Nature Lovers if you want!

Here are a couple of recent ones I snapped.

You can take and tag/submit as many photos as you like, remember, this is your challenge. Be sure to tag this week’s photos on facebook and Instagram #photorangerschallenge7