Photo Rangers, Quick Field Edit Guide

quick field edit

How many times are you at an incredible place, have incredible light or an amazing subject and you want to immediately share that with your friends or on social media? Or do you wish you could edit your photos but you are not a Lightroom or Photoshop wizard so they sit on the SD card gather e-dust?

Well, then this guide’s for you. In this quick video we go through the process of quickly downloading a few shots from our SD card using a SD card to iOS lightning connector. These are available fairly cheaply through Apple or you can even find them from third party vendors. You can find a similar device, or dongle, for other phone manufacturers.

You can either check out the video or read my brief instructions below, or do both!

I downloaded the image to the phone and disconnected the dongle and put the SD card back in the camera.

Now with the image on the phone I opened it with the APP Snapseed. This is a free APP by Google and the best image editing APP available for either iOS or Android.

Now with the image opened in Snapseed:

  1. Tap the small pencil (edit) icon in the lower right.
  2. You’ll see lots of TOOLS and if you scroll down a little a little, you’ll see lots of FILTERS.
  3. Choose TONAL CONTRAST, it’s on the first column, second row.
  4. In this filter, press and hold on the screen and choose LOW TONES from the pop up menu. Move your finger to the right to “100” in Low Tones.
  5. Now do the same thing with MID TONES and HIGH TONES – move them to 100 or to the point they look ok. If they look really bad at “100” bring them back down a ittle.
  6. Click the checkmark at the lower right of the screen to apply these changes.
  7. Now scroll back up to the TOOLS section and choose TUNE IMAGE. It’s the first one.
  8. In TUNE IMAGE you have several options in the pop up menu once you touch the screen.
  9. Choose AMBIANCE and move the slider to the right until your image looks nice.
  10. Choose SHADOWS and move the slider to the right to remove some shadows in the image.
  11. You may want to add some SATURATION and CONTRAST too.
  12. Go through all of the options on the pop up menu and see if you like the effects.
  13. Once you are satisfied within the TUNE IMAGE tool, click the checkmark at the lower right to apply your changes.
  14. I usually use one more TOOL – DETAILS, it’s the second tool in the top row.
  15. Click on the screen and choose STRUCTURE from the pop up menu.
  16. Add a little bit of structure. Be careful and not add too much as the image will look very unnatural if you push it too far.
  17. Press the SAVE button at the top right of the APP and it’s all done and ready for you to upload to social media or send to friends.
  18. There are many of other tools and filters and feel free to explore and see what they do but these are my quick and easy edits that I normally do in the field.

Here’s the Before and after image that I created in the video.

Quick field edit using Snapseed on iOS

Quick field edit using Snapseed on iOS

Hopefully this will help you quickly edit your images in the field or at home. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to comment below.