Photo Rangers Challenge Week 20

Photo Rangers Challenge Week 20

All the details below. If you want to join in, be sure and visit our Photo Rangers Community Page on Facebook.

Black and White
I love colour and often use colours as compositional elements in my photos but this week I’m going to really stretch myself and shoot in black and white. Shooting in black and white usually means I shoot at different exposures than I would normally. In black and white I try and emphasise the contrasts and that leads to a faster shutter speed or narrower aperture than my typical shot.

To do this I turn on the black and white profile in my camera. In Fuji cameras and other mirrorless cameras, after you switch to a black and white profile, everything you see through the viewfinder is black and white. In other DSLR cameras, if you change the picture mode to Monochrome you will still see colour through the viewfinder but if you change to live view, it will be black and white on the back screen.

Remember that if you shoot in RAW, the RAW file will not be in black and white, it will be in colour as the true RAW file. I recommend using the B&W switch on the HSL/Color?B&W panel in Lightroom to convert your image. If you do that, you can use the sliders HSL and Color sliders to dramatically affect the image – go on have a play!

You can turn on black and white on a smartphone too. On an iphone, in camera mode tap the little three overlapping circles icon in the top right corner. From there you’ll have a few black and white options to choose – I like the Noir one. I’m sure you can do this on Android too, I just don’t know the settings.

Here are a few recent black and white shots I’ve taken.

This week let’s see the world in black and white!

You can take and tag/submit as many photos as you like, remember, this is your challenge. Be sure to tag this week’s photos on facebook and Instagram #photorangerschallenge20