Photo Rangers Challenge 15

Photo Rangers Challenge 15
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Here’s a brief explanation for each of My Favourite Things:

These are my old boots, blue jeans and this old red carpet. I love each of these. They remind me of growing up in Texas. I took this very simple shot about 4 years ago and it still ranks as one of my favourite photos.

This is an old camper shell that used to sit on my Dad’s truck about 30-40 years ago. It’s now sitting out in the junk pile on the family farm in Texas. I spent many hours in this old camper with my Sister. My Dad built a bed with mattress in the back of his pickup. On family holidays my sister and I would be in the back, completely unrestrained of course! While my Mom and Dad were in the truck cab.

Dad even hooked up a little push button intercom so my sister and I could buzz them and talk while on the road. I think we annoyed them too much and they eventually pulled the plug on the intercom. But, I spent many hours in here playing games with my sister as we travelled across the USA on holidays.

This is my grandfather’s watch. He passed away the day after I arrived in Texas this past March. It’s not an expensive watch and as a matter of fact I found one just like it in Walmart for $12.99. The watchband was broken and covered in soot, coal and grime. The metal face of the watch has been scratched and scuffed many many times. Most of the chrome finish has been scratched and beaten away. He was an old school blacksmith and I suspect he wore this watch while working over a coal forge. I bought the identical watch from Walmart and tried to replace the band. The watch had been slightly bent and I could not get the new band on at all. I gave up on trying to resurrect this old but cheap watch of my grandfathers.

My Dad, like my grandfather could fix anything. But, I did not ask him to look at the watch because he now has Parkinson’s Disease and the watch required some very dextrous and detailed work to fix it. I went to a photography conference in Phoenix and when I returned my Dad had fixed the watch. He and my Mom had spent the better part of a whole day grinding, drilling and who knows what else on this watch to make the new band fit.

I love this old cheap watch.


What are your favourite things? What provides comfort, joy or just plain luck? This week I’m looking for photos of things (not people or animals) that mean something to you, an object that has significance for you. I’d love it if you told us a little bit about why the object means to you.

Here’s a few of mine.

You can take and tag/submit as many photos as you like, remember, this is your challenge. Be sure to tag this week’s photos on Facebook and Instagram #photorangerschallenge15