One Shot, Three Stories and a Workshop

One Shot, Three Stories and a Workshop
During Saturday’s workshop we were finding dinosaur footprints in the reef and exploring caves. Shooting inside a cave is really tricky especially when you are shooting out of the mouth of the cave. During the day the difference in light between inside and outside is about as extreme as it can get and this dynamic range of light pushes our camera sensors as far as they will go.

Luckily, when we shoot in RAW format, the image retains lots of detail that’s not readily visible and basically non-existent in the JPG file. Using editing software like LightroomCC we can pull out the hidden detail in RAW files even in extreme dynamic range.

Below are three versions of the same image. The first is the original RAW file. This is the way the file looks straight out of camera – not so pretty huh? The second is my edit in LightroomCC. Notice how much detail the RAW file retains and can be coaxed out of the shot. A JPG file would not retain this level of detail and you could never get this image from the JPG file. The final is my ‘what if’ image. I wondered what it would look like if I were in that cave at sunset. I added in a sunset I shot in the past and also added myself. These additions I made in Photoshop.

On 4 June, we are having a Basic LightroomCC workshop. We’ll teach you how to get the most out of your RAW files and begin to feel more comfortable editing your shots. We will also have a FREE seminar by Tim Lucas on printing an hour before our workshop begins. If you are interested in the LightroomCC Workshop, let me know ASAP, places are limited and subject to seating.


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