Once Upon A Time In A Land Far Ago …

Once upon a land in a time far far away, the Bass Coast of Victoria was a flood plain of mud and sand, and part of a vast river system. Australia itself was joined to Antarctica as part of the supercontinent Gondwana. Victoria was located well within the Antarctic circle and experienced long dark snowy winters. Here roamed the polar dinosaurs, with special adaptations that allowed them to survive the long cold polar winters. Numerous fossils of these dinos have been discovered along the Bass Coast. The first was the Cape Patterson Claw discovered by a government geologist called William Ferguson in 1903.

Tomorrow we will be tracing the steps of William Ferguson and the many intrepid adventurers who set out to find the beautiful fossilised remains of these wonderous dinosaurs. Those of you who are joining us on the adventure, be prepared because you night even come across a fossil yourself! We will be having the Dino Discovery workshops on a regular basis (mainly because Dale and I are really geeky and we love dinosaurs) so if you missed out this time or couldn’t make the dates, do not fear. There will be many more to come!

Oh yes, don’t forget to bring your cameras!