Off Camera Session Child Photography Session #49

Off Camera Session Child Photography Session #49
Earlier today a photography mate (he shoots Fuji too … good man) posted a few shots of his child commenting:
“Off camera session child photography session #49
Outcome: Failure
Duration: 22 seconds of photos before the child lost interest and decided to make it as difficult as possible. Ice cream bribery only had short term success.
Recommendations: Unknown. If anyone has ideas on how to drug a child so they stay still for longer let me know.”

At first glance I immediately thought ‘no idea mate, I have the same trouble’. I then got stuck into editing a batch of photos taken today. Most of them were of my daughter. She’s an equestrian and every Saturday we, well she, attends riding lessons. I got to looking through the photos and remarked on the absolute look of joy in her face while riding. She does not mind me taking photos while she’s on the horse. For more than an hour I can take as many photos of her as I want! As a matter of fact, she loves it cause then she posts them to her Instagram account. But this is about the only time I am ever able to photograph her. Any other time she will either walk out after 22 seconds or flat out refuse in the first place.

So Athol, my friend, the answer to your query is get your daughter a horse.

All images taken with a Fuji XT2, 50-140mm, 1/4000th sec and f/2.8 using continuous focus while the horse was in a canter.


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  • dale March 25, 2017

    Where do you mount the softbox on the horse? I can get them smiling in the park, that’s easy. It was trying them to stay focussed for more than 10 seconds for a session with off camera flash session that is the problem. If you can help me with that I’d be happy 😜

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