Next Saturday – Intermediate Camera Workshop

Next Saturday – Intermediate Camera Workshop
Fine tune your camera skills and further train your eye with the intermediate workshop. Focal modes, exposure modes, bracketing, stitching, white balance and macro photography skills will be covered in an exciting and adventure based setting. This workshop is designed for participants who are competent with shooting on manual, shutter priority and aperture modes on their camera.

We are currently awaiting the arrival of approximately 2 million short tailed shearwaters to Cape Woolamai. If they arrive during the week, participants will experience these magnificent birds as they return each night to the island just after sunset en mass. The birds will appear in the sky as a black mass just after sunset and will surround the workshop group. They are harmless but are often oblivious to humans so we will need to watch that we don’t step on them or hinder them in any way. We will maintain a respectful distance from the birds at all times and flash photography will not be allowed.

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