Morning Walk and Intimate Landscapes

Morning Walk and Intimate Landscapes
Went for a 5k walk at Oswin Robert’s Reserve on the island today. Oswin Roberts is about the only natural woodland left on the island and a beautiful walk. I’m not sure what I was hoping to photograph. I went with an open mind and the desire to just get out and wander in some woods for the morning.

Upon entering the reserve I was immediately struck by the strong smell of eucalyptus in the morning air. It was really invigorating and such a pleasant way to begin a 5k hike.

While out walking I had the distinct feeling I was being watched. You know what I mean? It was one of those feelings where your hair stands up on the back of your neck? Well, that was the one. I slowly looked around and noticed a small face peering at me from within the thick fern undergrowth. A little swamp wallaby was checking me out. He was kind enough to remain stationary for a quick photo or two.

Within the reserve it was the perfect place for intimate landscapes. I’ll be giving the lectures I gave in the US about Intimate Landscapes and Eco-Photography on the 22 April at 1pm at the PICAL Offices in Cowes, Phillip Island. This is a free event and I’d like to welcome you all to come and join me.

Also, if you get the opportunity, go for a hike in Oswin Roberts one morning.