Luci Candle Solar Powered Light
A few weeks ago I took names of those who were interested in buying a Luci Candle Solar light. They have finally arrived and I am ready to get them to you. I had to buy bulk so I have 10 lights. Here are the first 10 people who expressed interest. I only have enough for one each for those of you who requested two. If you are still interested contact me. They will be $15 each not including postage. I’m happy to deliver or meet to hand over the Luci if you’re local to the island.

I have not ordered the other Luci, the Aura yet because I wanted to see how ordering bulk and delivering worked out. I’ll let you know if/when I order the Luci Aura.

Here are the 10. If any of these are not interested, I’ll keep going down the list of those who expressed interest beyond the first 10.

Claire Stribbles
Alyn Spencer
Leanne Satherley
Kathy Webb
Trish Radivo
Rebecca Wilson
Chris Magnay
Nicola Stuart
Carol Shearman
Brett Wooderson


Luci Candle Solar Powered Light
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