Last Night’s Adventure – Blurry Auroras and Lightening

Last Night’s Adventure – Blurry Auroras and Lightening
We lived up to the Adventure part of our Adventure Based Astro Workshop last night. We hiked down to the Wreck of the SS Speke. This is not a bad hike except the near vertical drop at the end but we all managed to get down without much mishap.

Once we were shooting around the wreck it started to rain. we continued shooting and I fought rain with fire and spun steel wool for a pretty cool effect.

Lightening started in the distance and we decided to head back to the beach and be close to cars in case things got really exciting in the sky.

As I mentioned, going down the extremely steep cliff face was ok when it was nice and dry. Going up when is was slick as a greased pig was a totally different story. We pushed and pulled and slipped and slide up (and down) that cliff for a long time. I think there may have been one or two people who were afraid they were spending the night at the wreck!

Once back to the beach and relative safety we started shooting again as the clouds were beginning to break. Lo and behold, an Aurora was visible and we got some nice shots of a faint Aurora Australis.

Unfortunately, I accidentally bumped my focus ring and ALL my aurora shots came out blurry. Here’s the blurry Aurora and a couple of more focused shots from the evening.