Last Night in the Spooky Mangroves

Last Night in the Spooky Mangroves
Last night we held our first astro-light painting workshop in the Rhyll Inlet Conservation Area. We had a full crowd of talented and fun photographers in this really cool place of encroaching coastal tea trees, boardwalks and a surrounding mangrove swamp.

The Moon was at 84% luminance meaning the night sky would blow out and few stars would be visible once the moon made it’s appearance. It also meant that once the moon was up, the area would be bathed in eerie light making our long exposures look as if they were taken during the daylight.

I planned on using our torches, El Wire and a Pixel Stick to liven things up a little and paint with light especially if clouds blocked the view of the stars and or the Moon pulled the too bright card.

The clouds kept the Moon light to a minimum for most of the workshop and only at the very end did Moonlight bath across our sensors.

Since I wielded the magic staff (the Pixel Stick) I don’t have any of those shots but here are a few I managed to catch.