Janine, Thanks for sharing your Personal Best of 2016 on our Community Page. We…

Thanks for sharing your Personal Best of 2016 on our Community Page. We have been thrilled to see how your photography has improved over the past year. As we reflected over 2016, Celie and I talked about inspirational photographers and we both agreed that we are most inspired by those who actively work to improve their skill and exercise their creativity. I think you have demonstrated both this year. Look forward to shooting with you in 2017.


Personal Challenge – Personal Best 2016

2016 saw me set myself a personal challenge – this was to learn more about my camera and what it was capable of.
In January 2016, I attended my first workshop with Photo Rangers and have been back numerous times throughout the year.
I have chosen two photos that I think are my personal best for 2016.

1. Under the Milky Way.
I took this shot back in May. I had been wanting to capture the milky way and went off experimenting this night when it was really visible in the night sky. It turned out better than I had hoped for, some of the cows had trouble standing still for 30 seconds and they are a little blurry but I don’t mind.

2. The Promised Land.
This shot was taken from a helicopter flying over the Dollar hills in South Gippsland. To see the sun coming through the clouds and shining down on the hills was magical. With very little time to think or change camera settings, I just snapped away. Once my feet were back on solid ground and I found this image l was taken straight back to those hills. Much to my complete surprise, my image looked exactly the same as what we had seen earlier in the day.

Thanks Dale and Celie for your time and patience, 2016 has been a year of learning about photography for me and I am looking forward to 2017 so I can continue on with my personal challenge.


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  • dale December 27, 2016

    Oh wow. Is this like korumburra – outer ridge way??? It’s so beautiful

  • dale December 27, 2016


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