Intermediate Digital Photography – 6 week course

6 Week Intermediate Photography Class
A few weeks ago we finished our first ever 6 Week Intermediate Photography Class. This class was an absolute blast and was completely booked out. Although it’s not Adventure Based, we would not conduct a boring lecture only class. This 6 week class is an exciting and very hands on including practice during the class as well as designated homework to reinforce the learning! Spending 6 weeks together also gives plenty of time to absorb the information, practice the techniques taught in class and make new photography friends.

We will be conducting another 6 Week Intermediate Class starting on 10 January 2018 at 7:30pm in Cowes.

* REVIEW – shooting in manual mode
* FOCUS (modes, settings, back button, hyperfocal, focus stacking)
* MACRO (flowers, mini figs, tilt shift)
* EXPOSURE (metering, compensation, bracketing, histogram) & CAMERA TRICKS AND HACKS (panorama, stitching, timelapse, filters and more)
* ASTRO (Star trails, silhouettes, light painting, milky way, planning, gear)
* EDITING – creating your personal style (lightroom, Google NIK, Mobile APPS)

All bookings must be made through Trybooking on this link

We require all participants to have a DSLR or digital camera with interchangeable lenses and know how to set the aperture, ISO and shutter speed in manual mode as a prerequisite.

Here’s a brief note from a participant of our first Intermediate Class ““Hi everyone. Just finished the intermediate photography workshop with Dale and it was great . Dale’s knowledge of photography is amazing. He doesn’t overload you with information so you can absorb what was taught, understand it and go home and practice.
We had a lot of fun while learning so much . I highly recommend attending if you get the chance .. Thanks Dale :)” Michelle D

Intermediate Digital Photography – 6 week course