First Adventure Based Intermediate Workshop

First Adventure Based Intermediate Workshop
Last night we held the first Adventure Based Intermediate Workshop. The weather was perfect as we hiked and practiced focus modes, metering modes, composition, shooting modes, bracketing, long exposure, shooting to the histogram and stitching panorama shots.

The Shearwaters have just returned to the island from Alaska so we were treated to the return just after sunset. The Summertime nightly return is one of the more spectacular sights on the island.

We have scheduled the very popular 6 Week Intermediate Photography Class beginning 10 January. Advanced booking required via TryBooking on this link:

Camera settings can be found in individual photos.


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  • dale October 8, 2017

    An excellent workshop and we really did cover all the things Dale mentioned and I feel I benefited greatly. The thrill of the night was the return of the shearwaters – I stopped photographing for a few minutes just to enjoy the beauty of thousands of birds flying around us just after sunset. Magical!

    • dale October 8, 2017

      Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the evening!

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