Dinosaur Discovery Photography Workshop

This weekend we have our Dinosaur Discovery Photography Workshop – We love this one and you will too. We’ll explore caves, shoot in low light situations, find petrified wood stuck in the reef, find a real live dino foot print (from a dino a little like the one here), learn about the lay of the land during dino days and what to look for in finding a real live dino fossil. This is one of the most prolific dino fossil beds in Australia and dino bones have been found there on the day of one of our workshops there.

Although this day is all about the dinosaurs, we will be using our dino subject matter to work on various compositional photography techniques.

If you are attending, be sure and wear good sturdy rubber soled shoes. The conditions are wet, slippery and very uneven.

If interested, hit the join button on the event page or send us a message.2015 dino disco v2