Dino Disco Workshop and a Dino Footprint!

Held our first Dinosaur Discovery Photography workshop this afternoon. Little did we know that the folks from Dinosaur Dreaming would be on site cracking rocks and finding dino fossils! At the end of the workshop we had our own local Dino Discover Mike Cleeland give us a master class on local geology, history of the site and showed us a bone found today as well as a massive dinosaur print from a big nasty meat eating dino! The print has been verified by an international dino footprint expert as a genuine therapod print similar to Australovenator wintonensis.


All in all it was a great day to be out and about with the camera. Thanks to Mike, we have even more cool things planned for the next workshop (we know where to find the secret dino footprint!). Thanks to all who attended, we had a blast!

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