Thus begins the Photo Rangers 52 Week Challenge. Are you up for it? If so, please join us in the Photo Rangers Community Group ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/photorangerscommunity ) and/or hashtag your weekly challenge photos in social media as recommended below.


The 52 Week Personal Challenge

How many of y’all have something related to photography in your New Year’s resolutions? If not, here’s a great opportunity to add it! Many of y’all have participated in my infrequent Personal Challenge posts in this group and I’ve loved seeing what you come up with. I believe that to become a better photographer, you have to continually push yourself to take photos you may not have contemplated or tried before.

My resolution this year is to be organised and issue a new challenge each week. I also resolve to see tremendous growth in those who are participating so the pressure is on me to think of exercises that’ll be challenging and fun at the same time.

For each week I’ll be asking you to consider three aspects of your photos:
Technical – camera, settings, lighting, lens, angle etc.
Composition – How the subject is framed, foreground, background, leading lines, patterns, colours and etc.
Editing – What happens after the image comes out of the camera. Can be edited on an APP, Lightroom CC or any other image editor.

I encourage you to share your photos. I know it’s embarrassing to put yourself out there and show your work to others but it’s an important part of growing and developing as a photographer. Don’t be worried, this is a supportive group and we’re here to share and encourage each other. If you are posting your projects on social media I recommend using the following hashtag system #photorangerschallengeWEEK# so for the first week of January you would tag #photorangerschallenge1 . I’ll be selecting a hashtagged photo each week on Instagram and Facebook to feature.

To kick off the new year here’s #PhotoRangersChallenge1
Take a photo of your main camera, the instrument you will be using to complete these challenges. I want you to exercise your creativity in this one. How can you get a photo of your camera (or phone) that tells a story. Remember to consider the three aspects mentioned above – Technical Details, Composition, and Editing.

I’m doing the challenge with you so I have no examples to offer 🙂

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your images here and on Instagram with the tag #PhotoRangersChallenge1