Churchill Island 50mm Prime Challenge

This morning we challenged ourselves to a 50mm prime lens challenge while walking around the Churchill Island Heritage Farm next to Phillip Island.

The 50 prime does not zoom, it’s a fixed focal length lens that at f1.8, lets in heaps of light. It’ an extremely lightweight and inexpensive lens for both Canon and Nikon. Cecilia shoots a Nikon and I shoot a Canon and our 50’s are very close in comparison (yes, we are a blended family!). As a prime lens it gives a sharpness that surpasses most zoom and kits lenses. It also creates killer bokeh!

Because you can’t zoom to get a good shot in the frame, it forces you to pay extremely close attention to composition and be much more creative with your shots – before pulling the trigger. Using the 50mm prime means you move around your subject seeking just the right distance, angle and overall composition. Sometimes moving that two feet closer to the subject (rather than zoom in) provides a completely new perspective not considered beforehand.

We had a great walk around the island. Without my 300mm zoom I did miss opportunities to get shots of a pair of pied oyster catchers and without the wide angle I didn’t get the exact photo of the mangroves I was wanting. But, I appreciated the need to engage the creative side of the brain to compose nice shoots with the equipment in my hand.

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