We have developed this APP for photographers of all levels. It serves as an tool for finding great locations on our geocoded map with detailed place descriptions and photos, weekly challenges to exercise that creative side of your brain, camera quick reference guides right at your fingertips when you need them the most, shooting tips , photography related articles, calendar of events from free Instameets to Gallery opening to Workshops, services recommended by other photographers-  not paid advert placements, meet other photographers, see what inspires some of the best photographers and more content from photographers from all over the world. Download our APP and join in the exciting Photo Rangers Community and learn, discover and inspire with your photography today!

This APP depends on user submitted content. We want to encourage you to submit your favourite places to shoot to TREKS, your shooting tips to SHOOTING TIPS, articles you have written to ARTICLES and any review to our REVIEWS sectios. Any submission you make will have credit to you, your contact details, your website and links to your social media accounts. To submit or get more information of submissions, please use the contact form below or the CONTACT section of the APP.



These are our quick reference cards we developed while conducting workshops. We have included them so that you can have them right at your fingertips when using your camera. We sell these cards printed on indestructible plastic the size of playing cards. They are bound together with a split ring and have a carabiner clip for attaching to your bag. We have carried these cards for over a year outside of our backpacks and camera bags in ALL kinds of weather and conditions – gale force winds, sand storms, underwater and torrential rain.


Treks were the initial brainstorm for the APP. This section allows users to see a map and tap a location and see a detailed description of that location, how to get to the best spots, what to shoot and any tips for that particular area with photos. When you initially open TREKS you see a list of all places sorted by the closet to your current location. If you tap the pin in the upper right corner, you can see the complete map with all pins. Tap a pin to get a description and then tap the question mark to go to the full article about that location. To make this section even better, we want to know your favourite places. Here’s a Trek Submission Guide to help you write up your TREK and have it included in the APP. contact us to include your TREK!


The calendar contains all of our events and workshops.


All the latest from the Photo Rangers team and Photo Rangers Photography Community.


We believe that to become good photographers, you have to see the world creatively and shoot in ways and subjects you may not always shoot. Our challenges are designed to stir the creative spirit and to challenge your skill. Users can either tag #photorangerschallenge on Instagram or share your photo related to the challenge through the APP. Photo Rangers will be reposting selected challenge submissions on Instagram.


Here’s where we keep all the Photo Rangers videos. If you have an idea for a video, please contact us.



Each week we will be hearing from an inspirational photographer. We’ll find out what motivates them and why they shoot what they shoot and see their artistic self portrait (no, that’s not a selfie!). It’s a great way to get to know others in the community as well as see what makes them ‘tic’ as a photographer. Here’s an Inspirational Photographer Submission Guide to help you write up your story for the APP.




We’ve included these quick links to find the exact time the sunrises and sets in your part of the world as well as tide tables. You may need to use the good ol’ two finger zoom to see the detail and links inside these sections.

We also really appreciate your feedback. We will continue to develop and improve the APP based on user recommendations and feedback.

AGAIN – we need your content to make this APP the best photographer related APP available. Contact us today with your TREKS, TIPS, ARTICLES and feedback.