Adventure Based Wedding Photographers?

A friend of ours asked if we could shoot their wedding. We politely replied that we’re landscape and wildlife photographers and don’t shoot weddings. We don’t do people wrangling very well. She said not to worry, the wedding was on the most picturesque beach and she wanted natural, non posed photos and we could stalk the wedding like they were a herd of wild animals and shoot away. We shot the wedding and it was one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen. Congratulations Kat and Randall!

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  • dale March 22, 2015

    Beautiful feeling and flow to this couples wedding.
    I think you’ve just added another string to your bow Cecilia & Dale.

  • dale March 22, 2015

    Lyn, Much appreciated. These were just a sample of the shots we took. It was a great wedding in a beautiful location (Wilson’s Prom). If someone wants wildlife photographers for their wedding, we got them covered!

  • dale April 1, 2015

    Superb wedding photography pictures! I love the colors and bokeh 🙂

    • dale April 2, 2015

      Thanks mate, you have some really amazing wedding photos on your site too. We’re not wedding photographers but this was a fun challenge!

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