Adventure Based Basic Camera Workshop – $70

It’s On Like Donkey Kong!
That’s right, I’ve had way too much caffeine tonight. I’ve got ManFlu and to keep from having to call the paramedics or the order my coffin, I took some antihistamines and drank a RedBull. First time I ever had a RedBull – I don’t recommend them!

Anyway, this weekend we have our Adventure Based BASIC Camera workshop. If you’re interested, be sure and click the ‘Going” button on the event page and let me know you’re coming.

If I make it through ManFlu, I’ll see you on Saturday. If not, Cecilia will be there so don’t worry! Here’s the Facebook event link. If you don’t have Facebook, send us a message via the contact form. Adventure – Discover – Learn
Unleash the full potential of your DSLR or mirrorless camera. Learn to shoot manual and understand how to control the exposure triangle so you’re in control of your shots. Automatic will only let your creativity travel so far and this workshop will give you the opportunity to enhance your artistry and camera knowledge so you can explore your potential as a photographer. This is a beginner level workshop.

Participants will also learn about the native animals and environment unique to the island to better understand what they are shooting. All workshop facilitators are island locals and professional photographers who have an intimate understanding of the environment, seasonal fluctuations, animals and conditions on the island.

The workshop is usually facilitated by two professional photographers/educators to ensure each participant gets plenty of one to one instruction and guidance. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to shoot in Manual mode and have an understanding of how to get the most from your camera plus a collection of stunning images.

Participants need to bring their camera and all lenses, fully charged battery, empty memory card, good shoes, jumper or jacket and a small bottle of water. A tripod is not required for this workshop.

The workshop lasts between 3-4 hours and participants need a moderate level of fitness.

$70 per person payable via PayPal before the workshop or cash on the day of the event. Please hit the +Going button on the event page or email if you wish to book a place.

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