Achieving Visual Narratives in Photography

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A picture paints a thousand word: achieving visual narratives in photography

A visual work of art is a narrative that tells a particular kind of story. In photography and other works of visual art, the way the artist uses lines, space, textures, light, colour and other compositional elements, position the viewer to respond to an image in a specific way. In other words, visual works invite viewers to receive a particular kind of story and be affected by the work in a particular way.

In order to understand how a work can produce such “affects”, a term often used in association with emotion in psychology, it is helpful to learn the tools of visual analysis and how to cast a critical and objective eye over an image. The ability to cast a critical eye over an image will help the photographic artist best utilise compositional elements to tell a specific kind of visual story and to achieve shots that impact viewers in a particular way.

For the last years, I have taught visual analysis to undergraduate and postgraduate students at Deakin University. I would like to invite you to attend a seminar to help you learn the tools of visual analysis so that you too can achieve the wow factor in your own photographic images and visual story telling.