A couple from yesterday’s adventure.Comfort Zone

A couple from yesterday’s adventure.

Comfort Zone
Yesterday I had one of my harebrained ideas. Harebrained as in having no more sense than a hare. The sunset looked like it would be a dude and the wind was blowing mighty strong. With the thought of a lackluster sunset, I decided to get some shots of Cadillac Canyon from the cliffs above.

When I got to the spot, the swell was very messy due to the wind but the waves were standing tall and slamming into Cadillac Canyon with good force.

I started the climb up to the top not realising the recent rains had turned the steep hillside into a very slick mudslide for anyone trying to climb it.

I eventually made it to the top and after inching over a few cliff edges and drop offs, made it to the spot I was thinking about. What I had not figured into my idea was the strength of the wind on a lone figure on a skinny rocky outcrop many meters high over Cadillac Canyon. Keeping the tripod and myself steady in the winds and crashing waves below proved to be a massive challenge.

I managed to stay the nerves enough to get some decent shots from above but when the sun started to set, colour erupted in the sky. I quickly half slid, half fell down the hillside to the beach below and managed to get a few shots before the colour disappeared.

Like every adventure to Cadillac Canyon, I ended up soaking wet and found myself with a face full of spray on numerous occasions. But, what kind of landscape photographer would I be if I didn’t get out of my comfort zone to get the shot.